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There are a variety of spa services available in Sayulita including massage and facials. If you like we can arrange for massage services to be provided for you at Casa Dos Chicos.


If you want to add the benefits of yoga and meditation to your vacation, we can arrange for yoga instruction at Casa Dos Chicos. The garden is a beautiful, peaceful and private place to enjoy a private lesson.


For your convenience,we can arrange to stock the refrigerator at Casa Dos Chicos with food and drink. We will provide a shopping list for you to select the provisions you prefer and we will charge you for the cost of groceries plus a service fee of $30.00.
If you want to shop yourself Sayulita has plenty of small food shops, fruit vendors, etc.. but no major supermarket.


Gypsy Galeria: The Gypsy Galeria is a charming boutique in town run by a U.S. ex-patriot family. The family travels to remote areas of Mexico and Central America to find their eclectic collection of house hold items and novelties.

Pachamama: Two French sisters run this chic boutique that features beautiful accessories for women designed by the owners and produced by skilled Mexican artisans. Feel the soft leathers and imagine yourself wearing their hip designs back home!! Don't forget to check out the jewelry of black Tahitian pearls.

Hamaca: A great place to find carefully selected work from many regions of Mexico as well as Guatemala, including masks, pottery, hammocks, and jewelry.

Galeria Tanana: This gallery features museum quality Huichol art, as well as books and information on the Huichol culture. The Huichol are the local indigenous people and their very colorful art is built around ornate beadwork. The proceeds of sales at this gallery, which was founded by an anthropologist, support the Huichol people and their culture.

Where to Eat

Sayulita is full of great food to eat. As you walk the streets you will encounter street vendors of tamales and homemade cakes, fishermen selling prawns from their latest catch, fruit stands making delicious smoothies from tropical seasonal fruits like mangos, papayas, pineapples, and bananas. While you will make your own discoveries and have your own favorites. We want to recommend a few places to get you started.


Be on the look out for some great fish tacos at El Cuilt at the North end of town. The wonderful tacos al pastor of Ivan are nearby. Don't miss a very authentic Mexican meal at the Cenador de Dona Lupe under the stairs just off calle Revolucion near the center of town. And, last but not least, try the flavorful barbecued chicken of Yolanda cooked on wood ash on the road that takes you up to Casa Dos Chicos from the center of town. On the beach of course there are plenty of restaurants and bars that will delight you with local specialties, fresh fish and delicious Margaritas! We invite you to send us your own favorites to add to our list!!!


Don Pedro's: Founded by two American chefs, this beachfront restaurant is arguably Sayulita's most upscale spot. It features a great location, Mexican influenced international cuisine, and a lively weekly salsa night. More expensive.

Calypso: This second floor restaurant in the center of town has great views of the plaza and the streets around it. The food is good and plentiful. Don't miss the creamy guacamole and tasty chips. More expensive.

Café Sayulita: On the main street, this popular eating place features Mexican food from many regions, but is best known for its great chiles rellenos. Moderate.

Tierraviva: Just one block from the beach, this breezy corner bar and restaurant offers food from several regions of Mexico and the Caribbean. Moderate.

Rollie's: On a side street this is the place for either a hearty Mexican or American breakfast. Founded by two American teachers, it is a friendly place to start the day. Moderate.

Chocobanana: Right on the main plaza, this open air café offers great coffee, baked goods, and lunch. Vegan and vegetarian choices are available. It also has free wireless internet. Moderate.